by Somebody Loves You

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this is our first full-length record. it's a compilation of our first two ep's "darkdaysinbrightcities" from 2010 and "...and it all shall be black" from 2011 and our new ep "seas". we sum them up under the banner "golgotha".
these nine songs are, for us personally, like a walk through hell which ends up with redemption. it shows the full range of what somebody loves you is all about: the overcoming of daily routine, desperation and love.
it's for those who have disappointed us and those we have disappointed.
leave us to take wings to a common place.


released December 21, 2012

All songs were written and performed by Somebody Loves You.
This record was recorded, mixed and mastered by Andreas Broeker at the Lagerstreet Studios in Hoevelhof.



all rights reserved


Somebody Loves You Paderborn, Germany

somebody loves you is a indiefolk-duo from paderborn, germany based in somewhere in the northwest.

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Track Name: november/forgiveness
reading grapes of wrath, trying to avoid this dusty path. meanwhile talking about november. all the sinners get their punishment, except for me. we can try, but we know it's over. i think it's typical for me to think it's alright and i think it's typical for me not to realize it's over. all the forgotten words left unsaid. for all the forgotten words i have to pay. if it's the chosen part - why do i feel lost? and if it's the chosen life - why do i hate the most? i feel the train keeps a-rolling and i feel the struggle beneath my skin. i go from nowhere to nowhere. i feel the air is getting thin. forgive my depths when i leave home.
Track Name: serving sorrow
how come i feel so empty? how come i break down on this society?
so old, tired and distressed? my future has turned into my past. and that life has nothing to fulfill with is as sure as god is dead. and any wrecking sense of love is finally fading away. how come i feel so lost and cold? faceless names whiches souls are sold. humanity stands for dying fast and a reputation in a non-existing class. burning streets are paved with gold. worthless dreams to be untold. giving up is a virtue and in my head is nothing left to search for. and all the serpent tongues are spitting lies. they give a new dimension to my pain. and if showing up in publicity is saving lives - i'm better off not discharging your aims.
Track Name: hold on you
how could i hold on you and how could it be true that we were the same and that we were friends? you're on the fast lane life, faking love and smiles. my friend, i'm at daggers drawn. we all did hold on you and we all thought it was the truth. it has blown me away - we wasted our youth.
i'm sick of standing in between of hero and fool. i killed another man, because he looked like you. and then we go down to the holy water where it's traditional to hang the bastard. and i came down to take revenge for all the sinners you have taken.
Track Name: shake & shiver
i'm longer old than young, i want to die. i want to be a fool for you and the world peace that is going on. never stopped believing in my war is over, no longer hide and seek with myself and what's surrounding me. i always wanted across the happy river, but now my bones do shake and shiver. i always thought this would be the end of you and me. but now it's so disappointing that you even haunt me in my dreams.
Track Name: orphans & mavericks
"baby, how blue can you get when somebody loves you?" it is nothing but the truth - baby, i ain't got a clue. tell me your love ain't for real and i'll tell you "so ain't mine." no forgive and no forget and no sand in the lines.
we shared all the thing we had, but now we see that we were just wasting them. and everytime i see you smile i wish i could put my life to the end. and now we're going on the roofs, howling and stumbling. we're tired of gambling and tired of yelling. we're tired of all those lonesome people. i was whispering in the wind hoping you wouldn't leave me or forget me. and i was praying to no lords to send me a sign or to forgive that fail of mine.
Track Name: salinger
i'm sick and tired of walking the same streets twice a week and i'm sick and tired of seeing the same faces twice a week. you only want me when you need me and you only need me when you've got something to lose. and i don't want to be me anymore. i hate to be here all alone. i'm pretty sure that life is a piece of shit and we are forced to eat it. it's not a matter of screaming in silence, because we all die in the end, my friend.
"i'm standing in front of the fragments of our relationship and i'm seeing the things from above. now i see what went wrong: you say that it's my fault, but i know that it's not. it was your turn to let things change, but all you did was nothing. so i rather concentrate on what's building me up and on what's letting me stay clean than on something that's destroying me at all."
and when it's all gone and when you're finally gone and there's noone but myself - would anybody help me?
i'm a never ending loser in a lost world. and even in the darkest forest would be more light than in your eyes.
Track Name: 8th april
i just want you to forget about the shit that happened in the past. all the faces behind their silhouettes and all those demons with their masks. there's just one thing you didn't get in life - to give a fuck about everyone and everything. there's just one thing you'll never get in life - this world won't carry you like a ring. and to lie next to you is as if i was born on the 8th april. i hope i'll never get that lost that i even can't look you in the eyes. it's not the way you're dressed, it's the way you feel unstressed. i want you to get lost.
Track Name: lake claire, ca
the lyrics of this song are adapted from the song "are you lonesome tonight?" originally written by lou handman and roy turk.
Track Name: i know what sadness isn't
tonight it will all turn black. i'll give what i have just to give it back. my time has come to go away and i am gone forever if it's what you said. tomorrow the day comes too soon. we'll remember the nights when we were watching the moon. and in these nights i truly lost my grit and i won't be back to take revenge bit by bit. my footsteps will leave prints in the snow. they remind me of these winters when the air was so cold. and i can barely feel my feet. i am gone forever and i wouldn't change a thing.