My Own Ghosts

by Somebody Loves You

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released September 15, 2014

somebody loves you ~ my own ghosts

somebody loves you is
kristian m. - vocals
frederik i. - guitar, vocals

all songs written, arranged and performed by somebody loves you
additional guitars on no lighthouses by andreas broeker

recorded, mixed and mastered by andreas broeker at lagerstreet studios, hoevelhof in july 2014



all rights reserved


Somebody Loves You Paderborn, Germany

somebody loves you is a indiefolk-duo from paderborn, germany based in somewhere in the northwest.

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Track Name: My Own Ghosts
i wish that i'd been stronger to stay at this place.
i wish it all could have last a little longer. please give me more time
with my own ghosts.
do you know how long i've been alone? do you know how many times i've been
Track Name: Moenkeweg
when dust has turned into water – won't you please anchor me
on the bottom of your own dead sea. i'm that sinking ship you've always heard about.
i need a helping hand to get me out of this ocean filled with doubts.
and self-hate and regrets seemed to be the only answers for me.
i need to disappear (disagree) before it's too late for me.
when dust has turned into water – won't you split up the seas into good and bad.
it lays heavy on my heart when the morning comes.
i'm so god damn tired when the morning comes.
when my body is dissolved in the waters there is nothing to be scared of.
i'll float in the ocean alone with my depths and doubts.
Track Name: Disorder
i've got so much love to give and all i get is hate, no wonder someone
like me has lost his faith. i've got no time to lose – there'll be no resurrection for me.
hate, love, death and life in no particular order.
Track Name: No Lighthouses
sorry but i couldn't make up to meet you tonight because i've been just stuck by the sea.
to catch the wind and let the waves float inside me – to revive my weakened heart.
i was drowning on the ground in the depths of the ocean and it's hard to conclude. but it's harder to face the fact that we both are no lighthouses.
we both are no lighthouses to protect the ship from the storm. because the storm is us, it's all we have and love is the light that takes us home.
sorry if i came home late tonight but i may have been stuck in maritime dreams.
i've crossed the ocean all alone. half in water half on shore.
and first i have lost my course to reach a place where we've never been before. and now it's easier to face the fact we both are no lighthouses.
sorry, if couldn't make up to meet you tonight but i've been just stuck be the sea.
to catch the wind and let the waves float inside me – you revived my weakened heart.
Track Name: Unrideable Horses
i remember my former lover saying that all i'm doing is thinking about me.
and yeah, maybe it's true but i've got all these words in my head and they won't leave me.
i can't move on without these thoughts and i can't walk on without these words – they're stuck in me forever.
i remember my father saying "oh boy you're nothing compared to me".
and yeah, maybe it's true but i have chosen my own way and i won't leave it.
Track Name: Golgotha
i still hear the sound of your paws padding on the floor and i still see the imprints of your nose on the kitchen door.
and all i can do is to thank you for the last fifteen years.
i still hear that sound of thunder when your spirit left your body and i won't forget that picture
when the dirt covered your head.