No Excitement

by Somebody Loves You

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We wanted to record a few songs we wrote in the last couple of months just to see how they work out on tape. And we wanted to try something different on this record. So we hope you like it as much as we do.
If you don't like it better listen to Andy Shauf, Bon Iver, Ben Howard and Christian Kjellvander. They were the force behind this.

If you want to have a physical copy of it write us via


released December 28, 2015

all words and music by Somebody Loves You
recorded, mixed and mastered by Andreas Broeker at Lagerstreet Studios, Hoevelhof in November - December 2015



all rights reserved


Somebody Loves You Paderborn, Germany

somebody loves you is a indiefolk-duo from paderborn, germany based in somewhere in the northwest.

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Track Name: Kaleidoscope
and if they want to
we gotta let them fight
and if they want to
we gonna let them die
destroy yourself and not the earth
because i've been craving for something to hold on
for so long

bring me home
give me the strength
that i need not to fall back again
bring me where there ain't no pain
where i feel no pain

there's so much we cannot take
there's so much we can't imagine
so beautiful and unique
so harmful and distracting

while you demand devotion
i'll give you apathy
while you demand distinction
i'll give you empathy
Track Name: Kill Your Rhythm and Blues
i took this fall to get things straight
there were moments full wrath
there were moments full of angst
i tried to hide my inner demons from myself
for far too long and now
it came all crashing down

i said that i'm ashamed of you
i said how much you pissed me off
but in the very next moment i tried to crash my head against the wall
of all mistakes i've made this was one of the biggest of them all
but to apologize i was just too much of a coward

and i'm sorry
Track Name: Ode To Anxiety
sleepless nights
hopeless dreams
tortures in my head
i scream
there is nothing left in me
i wish i wasn't here

who's that someone
that doesn't let me sleep
who takes my strength
and makes me feel weak
what is that feeling
that keeps me awake
and what is that feeling
that takes my life away

i wake up when
i'm stuck in mind
sweating tears
starving all night
now my stomache takes revenge
i'm alone and lost again

i'm sinking into solitude
nothing's deeper than solitude
i am burning cold
and death is not the end
Track Name: Confidence In Loneliness
Dear Lover,
it's been 90 days and I'm still buried in snow. And I can hardly remember the place where you left me in smoke. And the dogs won't stop barking and I can hear the neighbour scream something meaningless like "Keep this place clean!" Oh, how I miss everything that reminds me of you, but I guess I just have to let you go. And all we wanna have is hope, but all we gonna have is to go. These times remind me of a book that I read by Levé: Happiness precedes me, sadness follows me, death awaits me.