We Kill The Flame

by Somebody Loves You

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Dear listener,
much fun with this collection of songs and thoughts.
These are by all means our darkest songs so far. There's a simple reason for that: The last year has been a real bummer at all levels.
We had to face death, loss and anxiety as often as never before. Not only in our personal lives but also some 'public personas' we really admired passed away last year. There might be a few 'coded messages' in these songs, if you like to call it that way. But you know...it's actually not that hard to decode it.
Oh - and we finally got to manage to make some true Blackpop this time! Ain't that something?! It sure is.


released March 5, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andreas Bröker in January - February 2017 at Lagerstreet Studios, Hövelhof.
All songs written, arranged and performed by Somebody Loves You.
Strings and beats are added by Andreas Bröker.
The cover picture was taken by the lovely Elisabeth Moch on a sunny day in the woods of OWL.



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Somebody Loves You Paderborn, Germany

somebody loves you is a indiefolk-duo from paderborn, germany based in somewhere in the northwest.

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Track Name: The Sun As The Great Misgiver
we burn to ashes
while we're waiting for the sun to kill
we burn the ashes
while we're waiting for death to begin

i hope for the heat to melt me
i hope for the wind to spare me
when dust has surrounded me
i'll go and set myself free

i'd swim up north
longing for the waves to make me disappear
i'd hope for north
to let me dive into and to lose all my fears

long live death
long live death
long live the rotten bodies
buried deep, deep in the ground
Track Name: Covered With Flowers
my youngest son died on christmas eve
i hope from a broken heart
at least that's what they think
when i asked you how it's going
you said "living the nightmare you know"
without knowing how pathetic it sounded
and i'll remember...

when we sat down by the riverbed
and we started to kiss
i felt mascara running down on my lips
when you taught me the beauty of wrath

though i'll never see the light of day in his eyes again
i can't stop imagining him sleeping by my side
i will miss him from time from time to time
but it easens the pain as the years pass by
but i'll remember...
Track Name: I'll Laugh And Then I'll Disappear
i let abraxas take place
on my shoulders to protect me
to reconnect me with what
might has been lost

you inhale black smoke
for the last time in my life
better leave me when i'm fallen
we'll meet again at the doors of the walking ghosts hall

one last convulsions through my body
open the window for me please
your warm hand on my cold skin
and now: forever darkness.
Track Name: Archetypal Symbols
i awake by northern lights
that shine into my eyes
i understand there's no chance to deny
i awake by northern lights
and i have to walk a million miles just
for myself

as tides come and go
i thought it'd be nice to stay here
for a while
my love is always available for someone
like you
to hell with those "i'll enjoy my life for a while now"
i'd enjoy nothing, nothing without you by my side

follow me into my grey kingdom
follow me wherever i may lead you
because i would
Track Name: Please Arrive There Safe And Sound
are you ready to grieve with me?
are you ready to fall apart?
i was searching for some light to see
i was searching for my inner dark

let us sink deep into oblivion
let us transfer what we love
into something lightful and without sin
be the light for me

this empty shell is filled with question marks
but these hollowed bodies will find their ways
we've been stuck in levitation blues ever since
but calm down, lay to sleep, my sweet sweet prince

let us sink deep into oblivion
let us transfer what we love
into something bigger than us and without sin
be the light for me

are you ready to admit to me
that a constant warmth saves us more than a burning heat?
i will bury myself in the rye
and wait for you to burn out your unsteady eyes

let us sink deep into oblivion
let us transfer what we love
into something meaningful and without sin
be the light for me